2. Shirt design for Chugach Brewing Company (Anchorage, Alaska).



  3. Branding for Chugach Brewing Company out of Anchorage, Alaska.


    Lots of new stuff in the works with these guys!


  4. Less Than Jake - “My Money Is On The Long Shot” (Lyric Video)

    Did this video for the band’s release of their new single. 


  5. Poster design for Syzslak, Greg Macpherson and Hinindar at the Magpie in Toronto, Oct 11th.



  6. Poster I did for Cellos, Tv Freaks, Eraserhead, Greys show.


  7. Kinetic type video I did for The Flatliners.



  9. Poster for Syzslak’s Windsor show this Sunday.

    Design: www.devanpower.com


  10. eraserheaderaserhead:

    Download our new EP for free on our bandcamp.

    3 songs recorded by Jesse Fellows.

    Play it loud.

    (Source: nohandspunk)